Zachary Sachs
Selected Publications

Date Title Publication
2017–06–30 'Sites of Knowledge' at Jane Lombard Artforum
2017–05–01 Benjamin's "Arcades" at The Jewish Museum Artforum
2014–03–18 Harsh Patel at Cleopatra's Artforum
2014–03–04 Interview with Prem Krishnamurthy BOMB
2013–04–12 Luigi Ghirri's 'Kodachrome' Artforum
2013–01–15 'Six Years' show at the Brooklyn Museum Domus
2012–11–15 Architektonika 2 Domus
2012–10–24 Stories from the New Aesthetic Domus
2012–08–20 'Ecstatic Alphabets' at MoMA Domus
2017–09–11 Dwell's 'Young Guns,' 2017 Dwell
2017–09–01 Two sides of Trueing The A/D/O Journal
2017–08–25 The Standards Manual story The A/D/O Journal
2017–08–13 Huy Bui's 'Plant-In City' The A/D/O Journal
2017–08–10 An interview with Jay Osgerby The A/D/O Journal
2017–07–19 René Redzepi's Culinary Language The A/D/O Journal
2017–07–11 Conversation with Chandler Burr The A/D/O Journal
2017–06–27 Arctic Char Dwell
2017–06–18 Bompas & Parr’s intoxicating experiences The A/D/O Journal
2017–06–12 Sculptural Confections The A/D/O Journal
2017–05–15 Spectacle as an architectural tactic The A/D/O Journal
2017–03–01 In Search of Lost Time: Alvin Lustig's Los Angeles Dwell
2016–07–16 Self-Regulating Architecture Dwell
2016–02–09 Klaus Wittkugel at P! Artforum
2014–11–10 A Design History of the Hugo Boss Prize Guggenheim
2014–09–30 At the Menil, Houston Houstonia
2013–12–20 “Drawing Time, Reading Time” at Drawing Center Artforum
2013–10–04 "Primary Sources: Documenting SVA and the New York Art World, 1966 – 1985" School of Visual Arts
2013–04–13 Gabrielle Ferrer: 'Transparent Things' Artforum
2013–03–27 'Paperwork' at Andrew Roth Artforum
2013–03–25 Robert Weaver's 'A Pedestrian View' The Comics Journal
2013–03–21 At the Museum of Art and Design Museum of Art and Design
2012–09–14 On the 'Now in Production' catalog Domus
2012–09–04 At Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin Artforum
2012–08–09 'Graphic Design: Now In Production' Artforum
2012–06–19 'Ecstatic Alphabets/Heaps of Language' Artforum
2012–06–04 On 'Cancelled...' at the Center for Book Arts Artforum
2012–04–09 Brian Ulrich at Julie Saul Gallery Artforum
2012–02–24 The world of Windows On The World Milton Glaser Archives
2012–02–06 Nick Mauss at 303 Gallery Artforum
2011–12–09 At the Goethe-Institut Artforum
2011–06–06 “After Hours: Murals on the Bowery” Artforum
2011–05–01 Jessica Mein at Simon Preston Artforum
2010–11–09 Interaction design to the letter New City Reader
2010–10–28 A brief tour of Milton Glaser’s typography Milton Glaser Archives